Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stubby's Announcement

If you haven't met our pooch, I believe most of you have heard David and I talk about our little dachshund, Stubby. Check him out! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 21, 2006

Climbing High

One of the traditions we have on our annual summer trek north to the land of cheese and cherries, is the climbing of Eagle Tower. This 75-foot tower sits on a 180-foot bluff looking out over Green Bay (the bay, not the city). In this picture you may not be able to make out the folks in the picture. From left to right, Me, Isa (she's hard to see if you don't click on the picture and see the large version), and my nephew Kaanan. Willa is up there but not pictured. I carried Isa all the way up and all the way down. She loved every minute of it. Shelly plays her traditional role of grounded photographer.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cards vs. Cubs 8/27

Since they changed the game on Sunday 8/27 from 1:15 to 7:05 RWP has decided not to take the boys. He has four free tickets available on a first come, first serve basis. Call or email RWP or me.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Poor Man Lazarus Sick and Disabled

Poor Man Lazarus Sick and Disabled. "Dip your finger in the water, come and cool my tongue for I'm tormented in the flame". He had to eat bread from the rich man's table. "Dip your finger in the water come and cool my tongue for I'm tormented in the flame".

Jagua, Seamhead, SweetLou....any of you recall this song from BHS District Contest? Boys Double Madrigal. For some crazy reason, it's been popping into my head.

Maybe I've been neglecting my opportunities or something.

I don't know how God created the world in 6 days and had time to rest on the 7th. Does it say anywhere if he slept during those first 6?

Andy blogged some interesting things over on his site. You should all read his site from time to time if you don't already. It's sort of akin to taking a shower after reading Paul's sometimes.

Andy B. had a couple of interesting Posts. Andy - I think your son is wise about U2 over Doodlebops. That is point one. (my son likes Jack's Big Music Show, some catchy little tunes, but no U2).

Second, regarding droves not coming into the church. The Catholic Parrish, Assumption, which my wife participates in far more than I, is very interesting to me. To me, generally speaking, the Catholic faith is one that is very "old school". Perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but to me it is very much institutionalized. That is, it sort of comes at you as a factual, dare I say ritualistc basis. Do these 3 steps and XYZ happens, say 2 of these prayers and 1 of those, and that will happen. Here are the 7 Sacraments, now bow your heads and ask forgiveness. Mass has ended now go on your way. Without trying to be sarcastic and especially not disrespectful, it seems somewhat like graduating from Weeblos to Boy Scouts if you do and say all the right things. Comparatively , we attended a Baptist Church growing up and it seemed like overkill in the sense of being "preached to" or "lectured at" and seemed to last for hours. And it differed more in the sense of being, to me, more in the realm of touchy feely, playing on emotions of fear and joy. "feel the Wrath of God" and "Rejoice and Be Glad in Him". It seemed more story and Bible driven but on the edge of Fire and Brimstone (what is Brimstone anyway?, time to Google it). So, that's my "background" experience. But the question of Andy's post alludes to why more young people are not entering the church. Andy has pointed out that his church leadership doesn't think that music and high tech electronics are the type of change that will bring folks in, or at least not necessarily for the right reasons. But, let me tell you about Assumption Parrish and Father Joe. Assumption Parrish is growing exponentially. Sure some of it is attributed to population explosion in the county. Sure some of it is that graduating class of long time devout Catholics coming of age with their own families in tow. But, here's the kicker. Have you ever been to a Catholic Mass and heard live, upbeat, clap your hands along and tap your toes music? It definitely works. Did I mention the new church because of the literally thousands of new members who needed to be housed? The point on that is that the church has the wiz bang electronics which, for audio, has it's benefits. But, it did seem almost a bit cheesey to me when a Christmas Baptism was videocast throughout the church. So they've got live music and electronics. Two points that Andy makes are not the real draw and I agree. But, wait, there's more. Father Joe has a puppet, named "Big Al"that kind of resembles a Muppet. He pretty much looks like the Cookie Monster and he comes out for about 3-5 minutes for the kids at each Mass with some sort of story about goodness and God. It's really pretty cute and the parents look forward to it as much as the kids. Now anyone in this community knows about Big Al. The kids love him. So, what I described sounds all gimmicky. But, when you hear people talk about Assumption, you don't hear them talk about the music, or the sound system, or Big Al. (well, ok they know Big Al is there and they love him). What you do hear is about the church. About Assumption. How people just love Assumption. But what makes it different? After all, it's following the same weekly "program" the Arch Bishop sends out to all the Catholic Parrishes. But, Assumption is different. And, Assumption is filled with young people. So, is it simply demographics? Is it the "hooks" (music, sound, show). I don't really think so. I think it is the "community" of the church. It is the personal energy, sincerity , believability, and passion that Father Joe demonstrates through personal leadership. But it is also more than that. It is the culture that has been fostered amongst those who attend it. It is something about the experience they have while they are. It is something about the presence they feel when they are there. In a youthful way of saying it "Assumption's got it going on!"

Whatever it is it has got, it is appealing to the Masses.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Joke of the Day

While waiting to hear about Paulie's date with his new, online Cinderella, I thought I'd post a joke sent to me by lawyerly sister. (I'll post some of our vacation pictures as soon as I get a new camera battery.)

A Doctor, an engineer and a lawyer were arguing over
whose profession was the oldest.

The doctor said, "On the sixth day, God took one
of Adam's ribs and created Eve. So that makes Him a
surgeon first."

"Please," replied the engineer. "Before that, God
created the world from chaos and confusion. So He
was first an engineer."

"Interesting," the lawyer retorted. "But who do
you think created the chaos and confusion?"

Monday, August 07, 2006

Talladega Nights Suggested Viewing

My wife and I don't get out much given kids let alone double date. But, Friday we escaped with friends to see an early showing of Talladega Nights. I'm a sucker for "dumb" humor and slapstick comedy. If you like either of those plus Will Ferrell or Blue Collar Comedy, you will laugh hard. I never saw Elf and only saw Old School on TBS so my exposure to Ferrell has been limited other than "The World's Greatest Cheer" on Sat. Night Live. But, this was a good escape from reality. I know MD will see it at least once with the NASCAR connection. I recommend it to adults, but I wouldn't take any little ones. It's PG13 I think, but I wouldn't let my 13 yr old see it if I had one. I'd say it's about 17 yrs on up. Totally stretches the bounds and pokes fun at "appropriate behaviour. If the name "Ricky Bobby" doesn't mean anything to you, go see this show. Perfect level of humor for this crowd.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

First Race Posted by Picasa

Walking Busch Stadium Posted by Picasa

At Daytona Posted by Picasa

Ride Along Posted by Picasa

It's been a while since I've posted anything and there's no way I can follow up Paul's dating post. For sure, I can't wait to find out what happens to him next.

July has been a busy month for my family. I started off the month by going to the Truck & Indy race with Seamhead and my daughter (who got to go to her first race). It was extremely hot!

My family then made a trip to Florida. We started off by going to Daytona. I got to do a ride along which gave me 3 laps around Daytona Speedway. We went 165 mph or so...not real close to the wall, but it was neat to feel the G-forces that the drivers experience.

We then went to Disney World. We did 6 nights and 7 days there, visiting all the parks. We stayed at the Carribean Beach Resort and had a very memorable time. The next day we went to Sea World. I think I took about 400 or more pictures over the course of those 9 days so it's pretty tough to pick out the best pictures to post.

We came home and played golf and went to Lou Fest. Thanks again for putting that on you two! The golf, food, and the company were awesome as always.

I then went to Dayton, Ohio for a Warbirds Conference. I fly WW2 planes online with a bunch of guys and have been doing it for 8 or 9 years. That weekend, I got to meet about 50 or 60 other guys that I've "known" for years. We got VIP seating at an airshow there as well. With all you can eat/drink at a tent, etc.

The second picture is of Dave Duncan. I posted that for seamhead. Yesterday all the Troy baseball and softball little league players got to go on a walk around Busch Stadium. I took my daughter to where her coach wanted us to meet. Nobody ever really told me and a couple other parents to leave so I just followed her down to the lower level and onto the field! The kids just chatted away...they didn't enjoy it as much as the adults did!

Hope I haven't bored you too much...but that's where I've been.
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Win a date with an Asian

Loufest was a great time for everyone, I even carried my golf partner to victory and won many beers and logo balls, but it got me thinking about something. I think I'm the only active member of this blog that isn't married. Couple that with the fact that I turned 34 Saturday, and I realized that I needed to take charge and make something happen. So at the urging of my friend Aimee I decided to take a stab at the on-line dating scene. As some of you may know, quite some years ago I had a terrifying experience with a girl I met through a personal ad, and ever since then I have vowed never to attempt anything even remotely similar to that again, but drastic times take drastic measures. Anyway I have decided to let you married folk have a taste of what it's like in the on-line dating world.

I signed up Saturday on match.com (it had a picture of Doctor Phil so I figured it had to be respectable) and wrote a funny little profile to try and bag my internet babe. Well it's been two days in and I'm proud to say that I've already had someone showing some interest. In fact I'm so exited about it I'd like to share the e-mail she sent me: Her name/handle is pussymama1 (I'm not making this up) and her message is a follows:

Hello Dear

How are you doing i do love your profile and everything about you,you look so nice and am sure your way of living will be good enough to live and get together with.Well I'm Jennifer M. Sime.I'm pretty much outgoing person and Honest! unpretentious, low maintenance, easy going. I enjoy outdoor activities, skiing, swimming, trips to the beach..I'm from Calabasas Hills, CA.I have Degree in Business Adminstrator.I have a kind sense of humor,pretty much outgoing person and Honest! unpretentious, low maintenance, easy going. I enjoy outdoor activities, skiing, swimming, trips to the beach and love to laugh and to make that special someone laugh also. I am very sincere in finding true love for a life time and am a very loyal Lady . I am very easy going and have a great sense of humor. I am also a very deeply passionately romantic lady but can be with only that one in which I will share all life with.i like to do all the normal things that a human likes to do. I want to find my best friend and lover wrapped up into one. I guess best friend and lover wrapped up into one really doesn't describe it the way I would like. I want to meet that life partner that I can not wait to wake up in the morning to see or get home from work to share smiles, laughs and good conversation. I want to be able to pick up the phone at work and tell that special somebody what the goofy person in the next office over just did. I would like to meet that one person that will love me as much as I love them. And show each other the love in little special ways. Like a card for no reason or cook you some soup when you are feeling under the weather. .Am the only Daugther of my Late parent they died in an auto accident in the state on 20th of july 2004 since then i relocate to stay with my Uncle in Norfolk but he treated me bad and he even tried to rape me several time when he is drunk so i then ran away from him before he ruined my life .so i decide to travel to West Africa country to meet a bosom friend of mine in Nigeria which is the place am at right now but in getting here she fell ill of malaria and i have to rush her down to the Hospital for better treatment and help her financially by paying her bills and medication which makes me to get broke now.but the problem is that am owing the hotel i lodge into some money and the hotel manager seizes my passport and my return ticket that i must pay for the bill before i can get out of here. So I would like to help me out with some Money and even i don't if you could allow me to stay there with u for a bit when i get back to the states.because I don't want to stay with my uncle anymore.Tell me about you You sound nice.!!!.

Love Jennfer

So what do you think? I thought I would never find love, but now I've I got new hope thanks to pussymama1/Jennfer (Jennfer?). I'll keep you guys up to date on my new internet girlfriend, but right now I have to go clear a spot on my couch and in my bank account cause pussymama is coming to town.

Love Pal.. urr Paul

ps- is malaria contagious?