Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jeff-n-Jeanne on the air

Hey all you kind church-going folks - take a sunday off! Jeanne and I will be broadcasting live Sunday morning, March 26, at 11 am (or thereabouts), join us by tuning in to 89.3 WNUR (or listen online at

For those nearer to Chi-town, and you know who you are, we'll be at uncommon Ground 7-10 p.m. (there's another dude playing 7-8, then we'll play 8-10). Find directions, etc. on their website. Don't recall what it is right know, just google uncommon ground in wrigleyville (chicago).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MD's in Missouri

We felt that we should show the Howdy family what they are missing while they are in Florida. We're not complaining though, this is the first good snow we've had in a couple years where the kids could play. Thank goodness it's the first day of spring and the fact that we have the week off for Spring Break. Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 17, 2006

Howdy's in Florida

It was a little bit windy and overcast on our last morning. But, the trip overall was very relaxing. Our weather was good most of the week, but any earlier in the year might be too cold. The pool heat pump was turned on when we first go there, but took all week to get warm enough to consider getting in. The gulf water was still cold and not worth getting into above the knees. I'm sure this place becomes more crowded later in the Spring & Summer, but is still more quiet than most beaches. If you like beaches and consider 12-14 hours from St. Louis to be in driving distance, I'd highly recommend it.

Christopher In Florida

A happy baby.

Bobby Bowden's Beach House

In the top left of this photo is Bobby Bowden's beach house. He's the Florida State Seminonle's Head Football Coach and has won the National Championship more than once. Huge jacuzzi being added on the front. Adjoins a federal state park with natural Florida sand dunes on one side. Very quiet beach. Beautiful area. This was 3 houses down from the condo units we stayed in.

Truman Show Building

This is the building built for The Truman Show which still stands and is in use by the city of Seaside today. The brick drive in front of it is the circle drive that Truman kept turning into and driving around in the movie.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Seaside, Florida

The Howdy's just took a 7 day vacation to Seaside, FL. Seaside is located in the panhandle 30 miles east of Destin, 30 miles west of Panama City Beach. The Jim Carey movie The Truman Show was filmed here. The white building in one of these photos was built for the movie and still remains in the town. We stayed at Seagrove Beach, FL right next to Seaside. I had no idea the place would be as nice of an area as it was. It was a 14 hour trip down 12.5hrs back with 12 hrs being driving time each way. Drove overnight so kids could sleep. It was a very quiet, private, and secluded place to vacation but actually very affordable considering how affluent it turned out to be. We were just looking for a somewhat close beach vacation to a place we'd never been. Like I said, didn't know it would be this nice. Turns out a lot of celebrities vacation in this area I guess. In the photo of Michelle holding Christopher on the beach, you can see Bobby Bowden's, FL State Head Football Coach, house. Guy is having a jacuzzi the size of a small swimming pool put on right in front. This was about 3 houses down from the condo we stayed in and butts up against a state park of naturual FL sand dunes. The beach chair rental guy told me that Peyton Manning (NFL Quarterback) was at a place called The Red Bar last fall though we did no go to that place. One of the other guests who was from Texas told me his family was good friends with Ozzie Guillen (MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox Manager). I met a Sprint corporate finance exec at the pool, but neither of us felt like talking work. And, probably most interesting to a couple of bloggers is that I met a singer/songwriter in the garage. I saw him loading a guitar in his van and I joked with him a bit about him playing on the beach. He said he needed it to make a living. I asked him if he'd written anything I'd recognize. Turns out he's written top hits for Amy Grant/Vince Gill, LeeAnn Rhimes and the like in Nashville. He plays at a local restaraunt called The Old Florida Fish House. Guy's name is Greg Barnhill and he was extremely nice and down to earth. I haven't googled him yet, but I will. He invited me up to listen saying it was a family restaraunt. We went there and it ended up being a very nice restaraunt cutting into the savings we'd made by renting the condo and eating in so many meals. While that meal at The Old Florida Fish house was very good, it was about $80 bucks for the family. Of course I had the The Red Fish special and Michelle had a Filet Mignon and it was darn good, but expensive considering all the local fish joints with fresh grouper available under $10. Being there on what we deemed family hours...about 5;30pm, we missed the songwriter's show since he didn't start until 9pm. I'm sure he was good. If you ever go there, you have a good chance of hearing him. I daydreamed about me hooking up Jaga and Jeanne with Greg and helping them breakthrough big time on their music careers. But, that will probably happen on their own accord anyway. But, being in the right place at the right time might just help you bump into the right break. So, think about playing the beach down in the panhandle. Seamhead, hope I didn't screw up the blog formatting by putting too many pics in one post.

PICs to come in separate Post--formatting issues.


Here are some pictures from the storm damage here in Springfield, IL. Some folks were not as fortunate as our family.

NCAA Today

March Madness kicks off today. If anyone made picks on ESPN and doesn't have a group to join, you can join the group called 'Crazy Phillips Family' by entering our high school mascot as the password. Anyone who gets in the group and wants to side bet a six pack, let me know in the comments for this post.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Craziness from Missouri

My man Andy's keeping his eye on things back in Missouri for me. It's getting easier for me to say I'm from Illinois.

Makes My Blood Boil

Dana Reeve died this week. In my reading about her I found this. I had no idea. Make sure you click the link and read the column from the time of Christopher Reeve's death. It made me angry and sad.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The Senate did it last week. It's time for the American public to do it now. We need to pledge troops to NATO to help secure Darfur until a UN peacekeeping mission can intervene. Tell the President not to fail Darfur the way President Clinton failed Rwanda.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Here's one of the balls that didn't make it back to Illinois.

I know what you're thinking: it looks like Lloyd. It's really Seamhead though.

Listening to Drive By Truckers . . .

These guys are good.

Don’t call what your wearing an outfit. Don’t ever say your car is broke.
Don’t sing with a fake British accent. Don’t act like your family’s a joke.
Have fun, but stay clear of the needle, call home on your sister’s birthday.
Don’t tell them you’re bigger than Jesus, Don’t give it away.