Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blog Connections

I'm still reveling in the what fun the blog can be. For a person who sits behind his desk by himself all day working from home, it provides me a non-impeding break from work. A quick eletronic check in with friends with no more effort than any of the other thousands of pc multi-tasks that occur throughout the day. I've still been having fun trailing off to other blogs and "lurking" (in accordance with Seamhead definition). It can be pretty entertaining. I mentioned Eddie Lampert in a previous post. He dropped into Musings and left a one line comment with a suggestion to visit his blog. Seems he does this at many many (10, 100, 1000?) websites. Drops in reads, leaves a one-line comment to visit his blog. I check out Eddie's blog, http://www.stockdiscussion.blogspot.com/, liked it and even left a comment on one of his posts about General Motors and Ford. For those of you who don't know, Eddie Lampert is touted as possibly being the next Warren Buffet (renowned investment guru). Here's a take from Business Week:

If anyone is destined to inherit Buffett's perch as the leading investment wizard of his day, it just might be Edward S. Lampert. Since he started ESL in 1988 with a grubstake of $28 million, he has racked up Buffett-style returns averaging 29% a year. His top-drawer clients range from media mogul David Geffen and Dell Inc. (DELL ) founder Michael S. Dell to the Tisch family of Loews Corp. (LTR ) and the Ziff family publishing heirs. Only 42, Lampert has amassed a fortune estimated at nearly $2 billion. So focused is he on his goals that he was back at work negotiating a big deal two days after his kidnappers released him. Says Thomas J. Tisch, son of Loews's founder Laurence Tisch: "Eddie is one of the extraordinary investors of our age, if not the most extraordinary."--Business Week

Now lots of people are leaving comments on Eddie's blog thanking him for taking the time out of his busy day to visit their blogs and even leave a kind short one sentence note and some are commenting about how funny his blog photo is without legs. The deal is you see, I don't believe this is the "real" Eddie Lampert. Well, at least not the one who has been made famous by his savvy investing with KMart & Sears Holdings. His website looks like he COULD be that Eddie Lampert with its layout and design and links to Sears Holdings and CNN Money. But, I think he is another Eddie Lampert who happened to be a CPA and is having some fun. Afterall, he indicates he is only 29 and the other Eddie Lampert is 42.

More entertaing is that Eddie dropped in and left a one-liner at a guy named "Pete's" blog. http://www.earnpetemoney.blogspot.com/. Well, Pete didn't appreciate it much and wrote a post about Eddie. You've got to check out Eddie's blog including comments and then go read Pete's. It's very entertaining.

So, now one would think Eddie has had blogs posting about him. Pete's and this one. Well, not so. Hey I think Eddie seems like a fine guy and I bet we agree on a lot of things. And, I don't know Pete either, but he has a funny sense of humor based on reading his blog and comments from others on his blog "Pete's Failed Money Maker". But, this post is about blogging in general.
And, it's about saying thanks to Seamhead for not only introducing me to Blogger. But, also allowing me to throw in my 25 cents (I tend to give a lot more words than 2 cents) as a contributor.

And, one last point. As the Seamhead family moves on to SPFD from WBURG, let's all congratulate them and extend best wishes. Through this blog, Musings, we will all be able to stay in touch with them and continue to share their experiences. In this way, they leave nothing and no one behind. Best wishes Seamhead's! Here's to New Beginnings and staying connected!

Monday, June 27, 2005

A Week of Goodbyes

We sat in a circle in the old one-room schoolhouse on Sunday picking some old-time music. I never made it to play with these good folk as often as I would've liked. And Sunday was the last opportunity before we move away.

We meandered through all of everyone's old favorites. I picked 'Bury Me Beneath the Willow' and 'Down in the River to Pray' for my last couple of picks. I was thrilled when Herb picked 'Eight more miles to Louisville.' Lisa went against the norm and pulled out Creedence's 'Down on the Corner' since the lyrics are eerily reminiscent of life in Warrensburg.

At the end of it they asked me to share a 'signature' song. So I was able to share Guy Clark's song, 'The Cape' with them. (If you ever get a chance to sing a song in Warrensburg's old, one-room schoolhouse you should do it. The acoustics in there are incredible. Even I sound decent in there.)

We shared, and then we said goodbye.

This week will be full of goodbyes for the girls and me. Goodbye to places and faces we've loved. Goodbye to the sights and sounds of the 'Burg. Every time we visit someone or someplace we'll think, "Will this be the last time?" (Thank God. They have custard shops in Springfield.)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Meet David

If you're wondering why I'm posting this, it's all Jagua Piru's fault. . . .

Most of you have met my husband of six years, David, but I wanted to put his picture up and tell you a little bit about him. For those of you who don't know him, I hope David will have the opportunity to meet you at Lou-and-Mistifest next month.

Last month David graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Education. He has a job next year teaching math at a small high school just outside Jefferson City.

This was David's second attempt at higher education. His first attempt was, well, less than stellar. After that, he worked several years in construction. He hurt his back and had spinal fusion surgery in March 2001, which included the permanent insertion of two steel rods and six screws in his back. He knew his days as a construction worker were over.

His first course was 8 weeks of summer calculus. I think he was pretty miserable, but he stuck it out. His next-to-last semester, he took 20 credit hours so he could graduate in May 2005.

Anyway, after David graduated, we took a seven-day trip to Ixtapa, Mexico (see my previous post today). When we returned, I started a new job here in Jefferson City.

So, that's the story of part of David's life as told by me. I hear people complain about marriage, but I often catch myself daydreaming about how happy and lucky I am to be married to David. He is a gentleman but also a good hunter-gatherer, and his personality complements mine (read: he's neither obnoxious nor bossy). I know he'll make a great father someday if we ever get around to having a real critter and not just a spoiled dog!

Audience Check

I just wanted to post something since it's been a few days since any new musings appeared. I took this picture during the vacation David and I went on last month to Ixtapa, Mexico. David really liked these birds, which have black legs with bright yellow feet.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Site Meter

I was doing some blog exploration this morning and noticed there are some additional detailed stats on blog hits at each site that are available on the site meter. As Musings approaches 5K hits, it is now more interesting to delve into the details behind those hits. Ever wonder how many others are reading the same page or same article as you at the same time? How many people read this today or even within the last hour? The info is available by double-clicking on the Site Meter at the bottom of the page.

I also had a little fun running a backwards trail on some visitors from blogs outside the Musing's "Inner Circle" of players by visiting Eddie Lampert's blog after he posted comments under MD's "For Sale" post. Eddie's stock discussion blog led me to Allison Perez's site "AP's Blog". Eddie's blog provokes discussion on stock performance of stocks he brings up and Allison's seems to be more about her personal life with friends. I think Paul would like Allison's blog since he likes "the ladies".

Anyway Musings appears to have a high readership based on the Site Meter comparisons. I think Paul could also do some marketing via Blogger by visiting other blogs and leading them back to his.

Seamhead and MD--sorry to post so quickly behind your new For Sale and pics of Paulie posts, but I haven't posted for a while.

Paulie Live! At Deja Vu!

Paulie knocked them dead at Deja Vu on Friday.

Here is a picture of Paulie's first heckler. Also, see Travis' review at his blog.

These photos were taken by Rocky. Posted by Hello

For Sale!!!

I know that most of you are not race fans but I thought I'd give this a shot...I have an extra race ticket for the weekend of july 2nd and 3rd. It includes a ticket to the Nascar Truck series race and an ARCA race on Saturday and a ticket to the Indy car race on Sunday. The total cost of the ticket for both days is $80!!!

It'd be a group of four of us going. Me, Paul, Lou, and you if you buy this ticket. I have a place to stay (at Amy's brother's house) about 15 miles from the track. I'm sure that Saturday night we'll be drinking beer and watching the Nextel cup series race as well.

Other than that...I'm sure we'll be doing some tailgating!

Email me if you're interested...if you don't have my email, leave a comment or contact Seamhead. He knows how to contact me.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Waka Maka Heinie Ho! (Report)

OK. So I went to Wakarusa Music Fest last weekend, and I must say that I had an ... um... interesting time. There was more good music than anyone could possibly see, especially since everything was a 15-30 minute walk from our camp. The walking was actually very nice and helped me process the beer I was consuming, but it was also very tiring. The heat and the sun were the biggest deterents to seeing more music, but they helped enjoy the beach on the lake, which was close to our camp.

If you've never been to a dead show or a large camping/music festival, it's sort of hard to describe everything that's going on, which is a LOT. There were 6 stages, many vendors (of anything you might be looking for), very kind people, lots of freaks, many families, some lost souls, some found souls, and everything in between.

Here are a few highlights that may bring this picture into sharper focus:
- Friday morning we got up to see all of the May Apple recording artists (this is the Mark Bilyeu/Big Smith label). They played on one stage, one after the other, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. I've seen most of them before and the talent level is high, to say the least. The best was Mark Bilyeu's new band, which is more of an electric, blues/country/rock set-up. They just rocked! They are coming to Mojo's on July 1 - I am playing a gig at Bambinos and then going to see them, so come on down!

Anyway, as we are enjoying this fine early-morning music, I hear a crash and turn to my right to see a totally nude dude rolling over one of the sound guys' tables. It was very random. He was interested in hanging out and doing...whatever, but he had already pissed the sound guys off. It took them about 10 minutes to heard his tripping butt out of the area. Quite amusing. "Welcome to Wakaruse" was the message in that episode.

- Music went on until 6:00 a.m. each night, so there was always some revelers runing around hollering in the wee hours, including the dude camped next to us who was walking around at about 5:30 a.m. Friday morning screaming, "who's got my two-liter?? I need a two-liter here!!!! I'm gonna make a gravity bong!!" Somebody finally got out of their tent, after about 20 minutes of this, and gave him a soda bottle or something.

- I saw a guy lose $700 to a shells/card switcheroonie man. What an idiot. Who brings $700 to Wakarusa?? Why are people so gullible?

- Among the best music I saw was: A young group called "steel train". Wow. Mark Bilyeu. Gov't Mule was good. Ozomatli was excellent, but not really my thing. Wilco was so fantastic, words cannot even describe. THey played 3 (THREE!) of the songs off of the Mermaid Avenue (woodie guthrie) CDs. It was a much better show, in my opinion, than when they came to The Blue Note.

Due to heat, exhaustion, fatigue, distance, laziness, and beer consumption, we missed many, many, many great music acts. I was really sorry to miss String Cheese Incident, Junior Brown, Hairy Apes BMX, Galactic, etc., etc.

I learned a lot about age and the ability to go, go, go. I think I could have been in front of a stage all day about 10 -15 years ago, but it's just not possible anymore! The sun and heat just sucked energy out of me. I was just astounded when I'd see the same kids I heard raising hell all night drinking the day's first beer at the crack of 9:00 a.m. Crazy.

Overall, I'd have to say that the Folks Festival I went to last year was much more up my alley. It was MUCH smaller and the focus was more on songwriter-type music and less on "jam-band" and electric music, crazyness, drug consumption, and heavy partying. I think it just suited where I am in my life as a person and musician better. But Wakarusa was a lot of fun.

health update

Bloggers and Kinfolk,

Thanks for all the good vibes. Tammy's Dad came through surgery fine on Saturday and he's home now. His heart has one artery that's a 100-percent-blocked lost cause, but stints were inserted in two others to open them up. We now expect him to smoke less, drink less, and cuss more.

OK, bring on the Vu stories! I haven't yet looked at the Columbia crime report for the weekend.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Big Show Tonight!

We're hoping to see a bunch of you guys tonight! We will be running late. We should be at Flat Branch before 8 pm though. We are going to wait for the Skeeter man. He has to work until after 6.

But we'll be there! And it's going to be blast. The weather is looking awesome. I won't mind if we're on the patio at Flat Branch. Save us three seats!

I just read my email. Tammy's Dad suffered a heart attack yesterday. So send your prayers for his recovery. Tammy and Boz will not be able to join us tonight.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Big Show Tomorrow!

Hey guys! Paulie's big show is tomorrow, and it appears that Mr. Weather Maker Man is finally going to give Paulie his big break. Do you guys want to meet at Flat Branch? Does anyone object? Is 7:30 a good time?

Let's say our tenative plans are to meet at 7:30 at Flat Branch. If anyone needs directions go here.

It's going be a blast. The weather's going to be perfect.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I wish I may, I wish I might . . .

On Saturday night as we lay down to sleep, my lovely bride peered out the window.

"A falling star! I saw one streak across the sky! I better make a wish."

I just began thinking how wonderful it is to wish on a falling star when she exclaimed again, "Another one! I saw another one!"

I began to think of MD and his meteor storms. How odd that she could see one of those in the little piece of sky visible from our bedroom window. It seemed a little too fantastic for me.

Then, dejected, my wife said, "Oh no, it was only lightening bugs."

After what my wife claimed to be an hour of shrieking laughter, I was able to say in the same manner a child talks between sobs, "You . . . . Wished . . . . . On . . . . . a . . . . Lightening . . . . . Bug!" And then another 30 minutes of shrieking laughter ensued.

I guess a few lightening bugs can really throw a Wisconsin girl for a loop. She claims they don't have many up there. I wonder if the Wisconsin readership can confirm this for us. I'm a little suspicious.

I am left wondering what happens when you wish on a lightening bug? Tonight, I'm gonna wish on a street light.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Peace Corps Story #1

I can't explain properly how incrededbly fun and exciting, and a bit unnerving, it was to leave for the Peace Corps. What it really felt like was an intense sort of summer camp.

I flew to Atlanta from Chicago (I thought it might be easier to leave from the presence of my sister as opposed to my mom - I couldn't handle the thought of saying goodbye for 2 1/2 years in an airport; too heavy). In Atlanta I met the other 30 +/- members of my training group and we stayed in the peach tree plaze hotel on about the 70th floor. I knew right away that I had lucked out on the roommate situation, and Matt Axelrod and I remained close friends through training and throughout our time in Paraguay. We stayed in Atlanta about 2 days during which I experienced my first taxi ride in the US. exciting stuff!! Anyway this was our "staging", a sort of "ready-set-go" time where we did a lot of group discussion, some medical training, lots of injections, etc. Mostly, we were all checking each other out to scam out the prospects. What else to mostly 20-somethings do when they're together? Our group was, actually, very diverse in age. Our oldest members were 60-something year old New York Socialites: A wall street lawyer and his social activist wife. Quality folks - very wealthy. They stuck it out the whole 2.5 years. This was the crash of the first of my MANY assumptions about the Peace Corps: at 25, I thought I was going to be one of the oldest volunteers! Not even close. I don't even think I was the median age.

When we arrived in Paraguay, we spent 3 more days in a fairly nice retreat center (much like a summer camp, little cabins, mess hall, meeting rooms, etc., which just added to the summer-camp feeling), taking classes, and meeting with our groups: 3 types of education volunteers and 3 types of business volunteers. Then we left for another town to meet the families with which we would be living for the next 3 months during our training. It was pretty unnerving. Luckily, I had a fair amount of spanish from having lived in Costa Rica for 4 months the year before, but some people had no spanish at all. I was very happy with my family: a widow, her teenage daughter and 11 yr old son. It was a nice place and the food was good, but was the absolute furthest away from the training center - a good 25-30 walk to and from. Luckily, a van drove us to & from lunch, which we took with our families.

OK, that's the set-up, here's the story:

The second weekend of training we all got a small amount of money, some VERY basic direction, and the mandate to go stay with an experienced volunteer somewhere in the country. I, along with my chum Wendy, had to make our way 6 hours south to the Argentine border to visit 2 seperate volunteers in a fair sized city named Pilar. The thing about Pilar was that the dictator who had been in power for 30 + years, General Pinochet, didn't like the folks down there. So he never built a highway. It was red dirt all the way, which is fine in dry weather...

Of course 1/2 way down (in the middle of the night) it starts to pour. Now, if a bus driver knows it's raining before they leave the station, or in a town along the way, they will just not leave. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of towns on the way to Pilar. We slowely ground to a halt and started to spin. OK. I could sense that all the guys are going to get out and push, so I start putting on my new $160 Vasque boots (by the way, if you ever go into the peace corps, don't buy a buch of shit that N. Americans think is important for trecking and mountain climbing and stuff. Save your money and buy all your clothes and shoes there. You'll fit in a thousand times better and save a bunch of cabbage). Anyway, as I get off the bus, I notice that every other man has taken their shoes OFF. "Hmmmmmmm...." I said to myself... Of course, the sandy dirt had turned to slippery clay. As I pushed and grunted and laughed with the other dudes who I couldn't begin to understand - since they were all speaking Guarani - I looked up and realized I was right under Wendy's window. She was sleeping like a baby...

Despite silently cursing Wendy, that was one moment in my life when I can truly say that I was 100% sure that I was exactly where I wanted to be. Although I was covered in red clay, pushing a bus with these other guys, I was laughing and not worried about anything that seemed so pressing a month before, completely excited and hopeful for what was ahead. I was loving life with every part of myself.

We did arrive near dawn - about 4 hours and several other pushing episodes later. It was a great weekend. The volunteer I stayed with turned out to be one of the most amazing, intelligent, hard working people I've ever met. We became close friends over the next two years. He stayed on first as the volunteer coordinator for education, then as the director of the training center.

It was a great weekend, and the time I realized that I had made the best decision for my life at that point in finally deciding to join the Peace Corps. Is that the sort of story you wanted, RWP? I've got more, but yer eyes are probably tired.

Big Show Friday!

Just a reminder that Paulie is scheduled once again to make his Deja Vu premiere on Friday. I will be going to the show. If anyone else is planning on going let me know. We'll make some pregame plans.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Song

This Friday song is for my wife.

Let Me Walk

Let me walk with you tonight.
Found a gaping hole in the night.
I looked in the book, but the pages were faded.
I hope the music holds the last bit of light.

Write me a poem I can read to myself.
Make me a promise I can keep to myself.

Promises echo
Across mountains and valleys
‘Til they fall
Broken in the dirt.

The shards of the promises
Slice at the feet
Of those
Who already hurt.

Let me walk with you tonight.
Hold yourself steady on my arm.
We’ll pick us some roses with dew on the petals.
We’ll sing us some songs and spin us some yarns.

Let me walk with you tonight.
We’ll find us a soft place to lie.
We’ll hold each other close in the dark.
Comfort each other when we cry.

Write me a poem I can sing to myself.
Make me a promise I can keep to myself.

Promises echo
Across mountains and valleys
‘Til they fall
Broken in the dirt.

The shards of the promises
Slice at the feet
Of those
Who already hurt.

Let me walk with you tonight.
Put our love to the quest.
Live strange places. Love strange faces.
Hold each other when we rest.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

CD Release in Chi-Town

The cover shot for Jeanne's CD Posted by Hello

Jeanne will be having a CD release party/show in Chicago at a nightspot called Crush on Saturday, August 20th. According to her website the CD is at the duplicating place now (which means that it is DONE and is just being copied). I know that there are some photography SNAFUs that she and husband Brett are working out. He is a bit of a computer whiz and is doing all of the layout/artwork/photography for the cover and the insert.

Jeanne has asked me to play an opening set. I feel pretty honored! I will also get to sit in with her on a few numbers and provide some harmonies or guitar work. I guess she'll be letting me know.

If you're looking for a late summer vacation, it sure would be fun to see some of you there, and I know that Jeanne would love it.

All the poop is at Jeanne's website.
or just click on the link on the right side of this page.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Teaching story #1

Ok RWP here is one that happened 4th quarter this year. One of the teachers on my team had given a student detention because of she was so many missing assignments. She had been given the opportunity to make them up at home but nothing was being turned in. When this students mother was informed of the detentions and why she was upset that her child was in detention. Remember this detention was not a punishment, but a chance to make up late work. The mother had also been notified before this of the back work that was missing. The mother schedules a meeting with the teacher and says it is not fair for her child to be in detention because there was no behavior problem. Once again it was explained that this was so the student could make up the late work. The mother did not buy this at all. The mother was then informed that if that without detention the student would be given a zero for all of the back work and would fail the quarter and would lead to failing the semester. The mother replied "fine" and left. The student did fail this course and others (including mine) for the same reason. They would not turn in work. It just blows me away that a mother or any parent would schedule a meeting with a teacher about their child and fight to get them out of detention while at the same time be so passive about their child's academic progress.

I realize there are a lot of wrong with our educational system. There are many people with different opinions on what is wrong and how to fix it. Of course everyone has someone or something to blame for this (including myself). I also realize there isn't merely one solution that will fix it, but I am interested to know the opinions of my fellow bloggers on what you believe to be the root of the problem and suggestions to fix it. What needs to stop, and what needs to change? Basically the question is, why with so much discussion about our educational system is it still steadily getting worse or is it?


Seven Years Ago Today . . .

Seven years ago today, my wife and I started our married lives by hauling MD's ass back to the hotel. (Upon arriving at the hotel, MD had to call his wife and find out their room number.) Thus began the long, strange trip during which we've added a couple of kids and a cat (We already had one cat). We've survived sickness, poverty, a tornado, and an ice storm with only the occasional trip to the emergency room.

Through it all, we've grown. We grown closer to each other. We've grown spiritually. And I think we've actually gotten a little better at this marriage business.

In a few weeks, we're making a bold move. It's one that we think is best for us and for the kids. It may be tough, but we'll make it work in spite of ourselves. (This CD is good for a marriage.)

Happy Anniversary, Shelly!

Vacation Salutations

Greetings from Sunny Alabama!

The Howdeshell's have taken a spur of the moment vacation. After I went whizzing (um, that's driving at high speed Paul, no pee joke here) past Columbia Thursday night (well, I did stop and refuel and buy Wade a 50 cent superball out of a gumball machine) on the 3 hour drive back to STL from K.C., the Howdeshell's decided to head out and take a quick break. We packed up Friday, bed Friday at 11pm, got up at 4am Sat and hit the road at 5 am. Made it to Orange Beach, AL (right next door to Gulf Shores), at 7:30 pm after stops and breaks. About 12 hrs driving and 2 1/2 in breaks. The towns are still rebuilding from Hurricane Ivan last Sept, but back at about 80-90% restored. Major chains have restored faster than mom & pop shops, but from the damage I still see, I can't imagine how scary it must have been when it hit. We're staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Orange Beach, AL if you want to check a link on it. The hotel is actually nicer than the web pics. They are supposed to have wireless internet, but I haven't got the Wi-Fi working yet. Plugged into the business center to check some email. Hey--maybe I won't be able to get the Wi-Fi going at all. (wink wink) Means more time at the beach.

This is our first trip to the Gulf Shores area and if you are a beach lover and feel this is in your driving distance, I'd recommend it. White sand just like Florida's Gulf. If you have to fly, head on down to Clearwater/Sarasota instead. Any way I'm back to the pool, beach, and coffee in a few minutes. Wanted to take time out to say Hola from Alabama. Sunny, 80 degrees and lots of good beach music on the hotel Musac machine. I love that Jimmy Buffett song...."The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful".

Sunday, June 05, 2005


I can understand how some could take my first post as just an invitation to a party, however under the guidelines that Seamhead has set I believe it would constitute as a post. First it is a party and I did say "great music, food, and DRINK. The drink meaning beer, whiskey, etc. I did not mean kool-aid. By the way Seamhead and Myron, I have some Virgin Island Rum that I'm saving for you guys to try. Second as far as sex is concerned I thought this would be a thought process that was obvious. After a day of golf, music, food, drink, and taking a break from the children, well then I apologize for not spelling out the opportunity for quality alone time with our wives, husbands, or significant other which ever the case maybe. Lastly I realize my alleged post did not provoke intellectual, however this is an opportunity for many of the bloggers to meet face to face and debate the issues. It is a chance to converse with friends in person where one can see how passionately someone else feels about an issue. Plus, with this meager get together possibly some of these issues can be discussed, debated, and maybe a better understanding ones opinion can be reached in one day verses several days through a computer.

I do apologize if the meaning of my first post was not fully understood, I am not as eloquent with the English language as some of the other bloggers. I hope that I have explained everything well enough for everyone to understand my intentions (other than just an invitation). If not, then this should at least be worthy of being considered a post. Please keep in mind this is only my second.

Rocky, I'm sure there will be many teaching stories from Myron and myself next year. He's only two doors down from me now, and closer to the bathroom.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Mules Again Today

The Mules lost yesterday in the NCAA Division II Tournament. Luckily it was their first loss in the double elimination tournament. They get a rematch with Florida Southern today at 2:30. You can listen here.

The winner will face North Florida in the championship game on Saturday. The championship game will televised on CSTV, ESPNU or Metro Sports for Kansas City viewers.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Big Announcement!

The Big Show has been rescheduled. It will be Friday, June 17th at he Deja Vu Comedy Club in Columbia, MO. The shows will be at 10:30 and 11:30.

Don't miss it! It should be a great show. Paulie recently sharpened his chops at an Open Mike night at Stanford's Comedy Club in Kansas City.

Odds and Ends

I wanted to cover a couple things before I head off to whip Jason and Dale on the golf course this weekend.

1. A couple of contributors told me that they think Sweetlou's post shouldn't be considered an actual post. It's cool to have a party and invite everyone (I'll be there, Lou), but these contributors insist that Lou should provide us with another post. They contend that a real post has some intellectual value. They want a post that provides some insight on a topic or offers up some witticisms. And barring any of that, the post should at least talk about the value of beer or sex. I am inclined to agree with these contributors unless it makes Lou mad enough to cancel his party. In that case, I think those guys are crazy.

2. During the Colorado series I went to bed during the games twice. The Cards came back to win both of these games. The middle game of the series I stayed up to watch, and they lost. Does this mean anything?

3. This weekend I am in the position of having my incompetence at golf pay off for me. And since my incompetence is great, it gives me a better chance. I will, however, still put a whippin' on Dale and Jason since they are just as incompetent as me.

4. The Baseball Mules are playing in the Division II national semifinals tonight at 6:30. They are ranked no. 1 and have already beaten No. 2 ranked Florida Southern and the No. 3 ranked defending champs, Delta State. If you're interested you can listen here. Go Mules!

5. Oops! Never mind!

Have a great weekend!

**UPDATE** I forgot to mention the Mules when I originally posted this.