Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ask the good Doctor, a new feature of Musings...or not.

Dr. RWP,

I know you've been admonished in the past for giving out free medical advice. Pay no attention. Others are just jealous of your medical expertise. (Sorry Dr. Sarah, just a joke!) :-)

So, this coworker of mine was in a fender bender last night while on the job and in a rental car. Col. Public Schools made her go to the urgent care center (yeah! worker's comp) where she was poked, prodded, X-rayed, and generally checked over by the nice folks over at University Hospital.

They pronounced her healthy (well, as healthy as she was before the accident, which is not TOO healthy as she as a bad cold). Even though she hasn't any muscular pain - at least none that she's told me about - the Dr. prescribed her muscle relaxers. What kind of hoo-ha is this??

So, here is my MAIN question. Oh, and I might invite Rocky, Esq., to also feel free to jump on in at this point. Every once in a while I have a pretty painful muscle spasm in the greater shoulder and neck area. I would like for *Jayne to fill her prescription (which she doesn't want at all) and give, or sell, those little blue monkeys to me.

Is this morally, legally, or otherwise wrong??


Spasming out in mid-MO.

*Name changed to protect identity and possible future lawsuits for dealing pharmaceuticals w/out a liscence.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Frank Hits the Sauce??

As many of you may have figured out by now, I'm no sports head. I like the excitement of occasionally being at a live sporting event, or actually playing a sport, but can't fathom the drive to continually watch sports, play "fantasy" sports, learn stats, etc., etc., or the need to perpetuate the same old tired crap that was once innovative, but is now expected, played, boring (think: tearing down goal posts, shooting champaigne all over the damn place, pouring gatoraide over the coach's head).

BUT, there is one thing that I passionately love, which is 100% tied to and all about sports. And that is the musings of Frank DeFord, Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated, and Wednesday morning commentator on NPR. I PLAN MY MORNINGS around Frank Deford on Wednesdays (he's usually on for about a 5 minute rambling from approximately 7:45 - 7:50 a.m. - probably on again from 8:45 - 8:50, as that is how NPR sort of works).

You can learn all about frank here:

I think so much of Frank that I actually bought and read one of his novels, "An American Summer". (Thankfully, it was more of a coming of age story than a sports story). It was really good! I was surprised.

So, do all of you sportsheads already know about Frank? If you don't then I invite you to check him out either in print or on the air. I've been listening to him for 3-4 years, and I've not been dissapointed once, except maybe...

...this morning, as I was listening to Frank make funny commentary on how the players/owners/fans feel about dress codes in the NBA (you can find this story on the NPR website), I noticed that Frank sounded a bit innebriated!! He was slurring words, and his voice had a thick, dull sound at times. Hmmmmmmm.......could have been an anurism in progress - I hope not!

Anyway, I'd never noticed this before. I wonder if ol' frank had a few scotch-n-waters before rolling the tape...?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hollah!! (five dollah).

I've finished my first CD project (all done in my home "studio"). After approximately 70+ hours of work, I'm pretty happy with it, overall. I have some pretty powerfull recording equipment - I probably haven't even scratched the surface of what it can really do.

I played a great gig last week and took about 13 of the CDs with me and sold out of them at $5 each. (that's a buck a song since there are 5 cuts).

The thing I really like about them is that they are sweet looking! My neighbor, Mike, is not only a good friend, but also professor of art at Columbia College. He did all the graphics, layout, etc. Looks frickin-A sweet, babies.

So, we are producing them "in-house" and don't have a big stockpile, but I'll be happy to get one to interested parties. Not sure how, but if you want one I'll get it to you.

I'm now starting to explore the idea of going into a studio.

Monday, October 24, 2005


I watched the World Series until the start of the 7th inning, feeling as if I was watching the 15th mile of a marathon. That damn Lance Berkman and Willie Tavarez getting key hits again, giving me flashbacks to the NLCS. The only thing missing was a really bad call by the umpires. Realizing I would never last until the end of the game and disheartened by the uninspiring play of the White Sox, I gave up. I just now looked at the sports scores and damn if I didn't miss three great innings of baseball. Another ding-dong given up by Lidge - what a shame. I bet it doesn't go past 5 games. The stros have a chance with Oswalt on the hill but that's it. Just like last year, the American League champ is on a roll (won 13 of their last 14 I think).

I wish the Cards had arms in their bullpen like the Sox have. I looked up Brian Giles' career OBP - .413. Not too shabby. I wouldn't mind having him and Eckstein in front of Pujols, Edmonds and Rolen.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Could you imagine!!!

This was something that caught my eye in the science news! Could you imagine the end of the light bulb! Could you imagine it becoming obsolete?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Potted Meat

I have turned on a feature designed to fight Spam in the comments. From now on when you comment you'll be asked to verify some letters that you'll see on the screen. This will slow down automated Spam comments like we have seen in our comments. If you have a problem, just shoot me an email.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Somewhere in this Favored Land

Now we have an entire winter to speculate on the moves the Cards need to make. What do they need to do? Walker is gone. Will Reggie be gone too? Will they bid on the services of Brian Giles?

What about the bullpen? Ray King's tirade ensures the exit that his poor performance made probable. The Reyes injury really was a big problem in the postseason. Tavarez just isn't as depenable as Reyes.

The real problem is when you play a team with three starters like Oswalt, Clemens, and Pettite in a short series you can't make any mistakes. You have to stay within a run to enable the offense to try to manufacture runs. When you're down three you can't give away outs to get one run. That's what happened to them Wednesday night. When they had two on nobody out they couldn't bunt the runners over and try to scratch out a couple runs.

There was no room for error against these Astros. The Cards didn't play error free and they lost. What can they do to improve for next year?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Take your mind off it

If you need a little help getting past the mourning stage, get over to Paul's blog and enter his new contest. You won't want to miss this contest. Get your entries in now!

Bad Dreams

I woke up this morning on this cloudy rainy day with my head in a fog. Had a bad dream last night that the Cardinals were in the post-season NLCS, but played like they did in last year's World Series. And then, these ghosts were dressed like umpires who kept making bad calls just to taunt and piss the birds off because they knew there was nothing the birds could do. And then, Satan showed up in the form of Roy Oswalt and kept throwing fire balls right through the Card's bats. The Card's felt like they had bats in their hands, but the ball went right through them like they were invisible. The devil boys on the Astro's bench kept high-fiving each other before the game even ended to spite the Cards. And, worst when it was over, people were ripping apart Busch Stadium because this giant black ball was swinging methodically on a huge pendulum that was being pushed slowly up next to the stadium as if it might destroy it. Real Man Larry Walker even cried in the dream after the devil boy Astro's won the game.

Somebody call Charlie Daniels and see if we can get the fiddler named Johnny to pitch for us next year.

What time does the Cards game start tonight?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

That's a Winner!!!

Wow!! How many of you saw it? No lying! How many of you went to bed?? Tell the truth . . . It was awesome!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Joyless in Mudville

Ever since Howdy blogged October baseball the Cardinals have played horribly. Tonight the frustration seemed to boil over. Edmonds cannot lose control there. That was a huge at bat.

Do they have a miracle in them this postseason?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good Day

Today, I escaped from the ranks of the unemployed. About three o'clock this afternoon I received a call offering me a position at the very medical center where my pathologist brother toils away his weekdays. Indeed, it's the job the Shelly and I desired the most. Another prayer answered.

Also today, I found myself mentioned on Andy's blog. It's always a good feeling to be remembered by your friends. In his blog, Andy muses about when a person has the right to speak for someone whose experience he does not share. For instance, I could offer my opinion about the quality of a certain hair stylist, but my opinion wouldn't have much weight. Certainly I wouldn't want Andy making statements on behalf of bald men.

But some people have no voice. Someone needs to speak for them. Someone needs to hear their voices even when they are just a whisper. So, Andy, I would say one needs to do more than presume to speak for others. One needs to seek out their whispers and amplify them.

1980 Something

The year was 1980 something. Someone sneaks a bottle of whiskey on a choir trip. It was either Districts or Show Choir. There were hotels. Whitworth finds out of course and expresses extreme disappointment and delivers a severe tongue lashing back in class at BHS. Who was the culprit? There are 2 possibilities of suspects I recall....Bob Connell or Sweet Lou....although, they could be innocent. The details are fuzzy and I don't recall. How did Whitty find out? Was it obvious or did one of the girls rat out the boot-legger? I remember Jamie McCollum and I steamed our room up so much that the entire room had fog layered half way from the ceiling to the floor. Same trip or different? I can't recall.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hostile Takeover??

Howdy, should you and I just revert to e-mailing back and forth, or do you want to stage a hostile takeover of this blog. I mean, no ones really using it besides us, so I'm pretty sure no one would even notice...
I'm pretty unhappy about the lack of good music and other stuff going on in st. Louis on the weekend of the 15. I know of a lot of places I love to eat in St. L., but I appreciated the suggestions. I want to take the family to Fitz's sometime. I have some friends who go there with their kids everytime they're in St. Louis.

Have you ever eaten at Pho Grand? It's a vietnamese place on South Grand - just south of the east end of Tower Grove Park. It was a really cool, sort of dirty hole in the wall when I was teaching in St. Louis and it had (and still has) the best vietnamese food you'll find. Since then it moved a couple of doors down and is now a very elegant, almost swanky restaurant. BUT, the prices (as of last time I was there) have hardly changed in the last 15 years. You can still eat for under $10, including dessert. It's crazy good. I love it.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lou's Lucky Break

On Sat night in St. Louis, there is a show telivised live from Harrah's Hotel and Casino called Harrah's Lucky Break. It's a season long show of Karaoke singers who are judged by DJ's from 3 radio stations. Each night a winner is selected to move on through the competition. Each judge scores each contestant with a score card of 1-7 so 21 is the highest score possible. And, each judge also has an air horn if the contestant is so bad they can't take it...sort of like The Gong Show in that sense. In general, you see your avg. Karaoke wannabees on stage. But, the top contenders do have some pretty good talent and win some good prizes.

I believe Lou could give the best of the best a run for their money and would love to see him enter the next competition. If he did, I would be there to support him and I think it would be a great event for all of us to see. Worst case, even if the judges were blinded to his talent, it would be a fun gathering event for all.