Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meet Joe Murray

Here is a fantastic interview with a man who used to write articles condemning homosexuals for the American Family Association.

Where was the Biblical authority for the condemnation that all homosexuals were to burn in the fires of Hell? In order to answer that question, I decided to take an in depth study of the Bible to determine if what these conservative theologians were preaching was sound.

As I studied the Bible, I found that the word "sodomite" that was used in Corinthians and Romans referred not to all homosexuals, but largely to the promiscuous behavior of the Roman/Greek bathhouses and the use of boy prostitutes.

Take for instance, 1 Cor. 6:9-10, a verse commonly referred to support the argument that all forms of homosexuality are immoral. As I understand it, the Greek word translated as "boy prostitutes" may refer to catamites, i.e. the boys or young men kept for purposes of prostitution and the term translated for "sodomites" refers to all homosexual males who engaged in such practices with such boys. In other words, the condemnation of homosexuality in that passage, thus, refers only to homosexual males who engage the services of boy prostitutes-it is a very narrow definition.

This guy is a wonderful example for us all. It is so easy for us to hold on to our opinions. It is hard to truly examine our positons with a critical eye.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Al Franken? Michael Moore? Nooooo . . .

This man agrees with me.

"Congress abdicated its oversight responsibility," he says. "The press abdicated its responsibility, and the American people abdicated their responsibilities. Terror was on the minds of everyone, and nobody questioned anything, quite frankly."
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel agrees with me. We don't agree on much, but this is a definitely a big one.

Make sure to read this. This is fine profile of the Senator from Nebraska.