Monday, March 23, 2009

Time Again

Every so often I feel the urge to get the blog going again. It was great fun when a lot of folks were posting and a lot of folks were reading. It will probably never be like that again.

Maybe I'll be the only one who posts from now on. Maybe I'll be the only one who reads. I hope not. But we'll see. I'm going to try to post at least once a week. I hope some of old bloggers will return someday.

If I know you and you want to post, let me know. We'll get you going. Maybe someday it will be as much fun as it was when we found the article about Jeff trying to burn down his house.


Andy B. said...

Remember, always trust your cape.

Anonymous said...

I check the blog about everyday, glad to see something new!


Jeff said...

I didn't even realize you still had this blog, rog, and I don't appreciate the article comment!!! >-(

Actually, it's been a good life being one of your personal court jesters...

Yeah, this blog was my first real introduction to the power of the web for connecting with old friends (and new) - sort of a precursor to FB and other social networking sights.